The method of using organic fertilizer effectively

Organic fertilizer is the ideal basal not only, also can be used as a fertilizer, it is a major fertilizer nutrients during the period of crop growth. Organic fertilizers do fertilizer should be paid attention to the following:
1, in advance after organic fertilizer contains available nutrients, but the quantity is limited, a large number of slow release of nutrient release needs certain process, organic fertilizer, fertilizer should shift to an earlier date a few days.
2, topdressing high quality organic fertilizer during the period of crop growth needs a lot of nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients, nitrogen and potassium nutrient content in general organic fertilizer is not high, in order to ensure the fast growing demand for nutrients, nitrogen and potassium nutrient content should choose high quality organic fertilizer.
3, formulate reasonable ground temperature is low, the proportion of base fertilizer distribution of microbial activity is weak, organic fertilizer nutrient release slowly, can find most as basal application; And high ground temperature, microbial decomposition capability is strong, if basal dosage is too much, before engraftment, excessive fertilizer by microbial decompose, engraftment after applied immediately play, sometimes may cause crop moderate growth. Under the condition of high temperature, therefore, cultivation of crops, it is better to reduce the basal seems to increase the dosage of fertilizer.
4, seedling to a moderate amount of crop seedlings of nutrient requirement is small, but the lack of nutrients could not form combination, is not conducive to transplanting, is not conducive to crop growth in the future. Fully decomposed organic fertilizer, nutrient release of uniform, comprehensive nutrient, is an ideal fertilizer seedling. General with fermentation fully fermented organic fertilizer to join a certain amount of carbon, vermiculite and pearlite, earth do nursery substrates using mixed evenly, the dosage of the organic fertilizer can not exceed 10% of the total weight nutritional soil.