Organic agriculture is unfavorable and comprehensive promotion without chemical fertilizers and pesticides to self-sufficiency

As environmental pollution, agricultural products (8.01, 0.01, 0.12%) (food) quality event frequent exposure, organic produce is increasingly popular in the market. A lot of local farmers, cooperatives, leading enterprises seize business opportunities, invested in organic agriculture. A lot of organic agricultural products on the market price is several times higher than ordinary agricultural products, is still good. Many consumers believe that organic produce safer than ordinary agricultural products, taste better, more nutritious and better environment. Organic agricultural products as well as industry? This issue reporter interviewed concerned expert.
Organic agricultural products quality management is very strict, but not absolutely safe. Provincial academy of agricultural sciences' food inspection institute said Liu Xianjin analysis, organic agricultural products without chemical pesticides, but is not equal to no pesticides, they all is extracted from animals, plants or natural minerals, such as sulfur, pyrethrum, poison fish cane, etc., also has the toxicity. Due to natural pesticide is not as effective as chemical pesticides, incoming fungi, bacteria, insects, plants themselves will also create poisonous natural insecticide. In addition, organic agricultural production in the process of application of livestock and poultry manure, if contain pathogens, parasites eggs, they will pollute the agricultural products, the most common is escherichia coli. For this, the expert warns customer, do not think that organic produce clean, can directly eat, eat or should be washed carefully.
So, organic produce more nutritious? In order to determine the general agricultural and organic agricultural products in nutritional value differences, many research experts from all over the world, but the results are inconsistent and even contradictory. The United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) so come to the conclusion that there is no obvious evidence of organic agricultural products better than ordinary agricultural products in terms of nutritional value. Provincial academy of agricultural sciences' food safety research associate that Li Youqin said, "more nutritious" is actually a very vague concept, the human body needs a lot of different kinds of nutrition, more organic and non-organic products, it is all or one of several nutrients? And the ingredient is much, the sort of components must reduce. For this, the expert advice to consumer: if you are not bad money, eat organic of course good. But ordinary people rather than saving only eat an organic apple a day, not with the same price, buy some fruits and vegetables to eat more every day.
Experts think, organic cultivation methods for improving agricultural products taste good, but not the decisive factor. On 17 January this year, the provincial quality rice field tasting competitions, breeding by the provincial academy of agricultural sciences' food "south japonica 46" highest score, is recognized as the most delicious rice in jiangsu province. Reporter asked the scene of the province rural ZhongZiZhan adsense Zhang Hongcheng Zou Fanggang and yangzhou university professor, if a common varieties of organic rice cultivation using ordinary methods, compared to "south japonica 46" which good? Two of the judges said, "south japonica 46" delicious, of course. A better good rice varieties is the most important factor, roughly to the proportion of ninety percent. Second is a good cultivation methods and good soil and climate conditions. The former is the internal cause, the latter is the external cause. A good variety, cultivation method is undeserved, if grow rice may not be good, but if it is a poor varieties, that no matter what kind of is not good.
Without pesticide chemical fertilizer, which is beneficial to reduce the local agricultural non-point source pollution, but we should also see the other side of the coin ". According to a study in the United States, if there is no chemical fertilizer, requires more livestock manure fertilizer, a rough estimate the United States must raise four times more cattle than now, basically the whole America into pasture. Organic crops will dramatically reduce unit production, if European attempt by organic self-sufficiency, need an additional 28 million hectares of farmland, so the size of France, Germany, Britain, and the sum of the Danish national forest cover. Thus, organic farming can't protect the environment, not only exacerbate food and environmental crisis. Provincial academy of agricultural sciences' endowment ring Chang Zhizhou director thinks that organic farming is should be advocated, but we should vigorously promote high efficiency, low toxicity, low residual pesticide, promotion of soil testing and fertilizer to improve fertilizer utilization, rather than completely without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Experts think, organic agricultural products is good, but are not suitable for comprehensive promotion whether now or in the future. Provincial academy of agricultural sciences' institute of grain Wang Cailin said, per-acre yields of organic rice is in commonly 500 jins, less than half of ordinary rice per mu yield, if the comprehensive promotion of organic farming, half of the people to eat well, the other half will go hungry. From the point of price, organic rice several times more expensive than normal rice, even in a very high level of life and organic agriculture in Europe, the home of organic agricultural products is only a few high earners aristocratic food consumption. In view of this situation of supply and demand of grain and other major agricultural product in our country, we should have a pollution-free, green, organic agricultural products "doctrine", should not only ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, and to meet the different levels of consumer demand.